Real Mind Control: The 21-Day No-Complaint Experiment


Follow this link back to the blog of Timothy Ferriss, the author of The 4 Hour Work Week. I thought this was an interesting post. How many of us can go 21 days without complaining? I really believe complaining less makes us more successful, and helps us see the best in even the worst situations. What is your take on this article?


  1. I have read that book, it was good. I didn’t really quit my job, but I did get some really good ides from it. The article you linked to is really mind opening, I complain almost every day about something, and have become so much more aware of it. I believe it really has helped me change the outcome of many situations by listening to this advice.

  2. I just complained about something today!!!! I only made it 3 days. Time to start over. It’s amazing how negative we can be without even realizing it.

  3. I’ll join you on the no complaint experiment. WHat a good idea.

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